Missio Meetup: Festival of Lights // Mon. Dec. 4


Missio Meetups seek to create opportunities for people within Missio to meet and build deeper relationships with each other.  This month, in light of the Christmas season, we will be going together to the Grotto's Festival of Lights!  However, instead of going in one large group, we wanted to give people a chance to get to know one another better by breaking up into smaller groups.  When you sign up, we will match you up with 4-5 other people in Missio with whom you can share a meal and visit the Grotto together.  You'll receive an email/text with an address and a time to meet and all you need to do is show up ready to make some new friends!

Sign up HERE!

WHAT: The Grotto Festival of Lights
WHEN: Monday, Dec. 4; the festival is open from 5-9pm
COST: $6 kids, $11 adults
PLAN: The 72 MC will be hosting and organizing small groups within the larger group. Groups might eat together beforehand or hang out together afterwards.
HEART: Don’t go alone!

Questions? Email Aaron at aaron.m.truong@gmail.com.